Getting to know your trusted professionals in 5 questions.

As a realtor for over a decade, I have come across and worked with many professionals.

Here are some of those trusted professionals, many whom I have personally worked with, had clients work with, or have come highly recommended. 

Meet Hillary:

Hillary Meekins  / Anne Holliday CPA & Executive Coach / 603.431.3322 /  /


What services do you provide?

We’re here for all phases of your life – both personal and business – from education planning and start ups to retirement planning and succession planning. We offer results driven services with a long track record of creating wealth and adding value for our clients. 

What area do you cover? 

We have clients all over the United States!

In 5 words describe yourself or your service?

We help create momentum. 

What are your top 3 tips for a new client or customer?

1. Build your professional network (have a trusted CPA, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, etc. on your side – need vetted referrals? We’ve got them!)
2. Maintain and keep excellent financial records. (Need help? Just ask us!)
3. Knowledge is power! The more you know, and ask questions, the more sound decisions you will make. Being proactive is one of our main qualities, and we LOVE when clients embrace that!

If you could do or have any career, what would it be?

Anne definitely loves being a Trusted Advisor, Coach and CPA – but she always wanted to be a Veterinarian since she has a deep love for animals. 

I always wanted to be a College Professor, but my role at the firm has allowed me to be in a teaching/mentoring capacity with our clients… among other roles!