Buying a home can be scary enough without dealing with  home inspections. Inspections are necessary though, they don’t only uncover surprises within the home, but can also educate you on the inner workings of the house. 

An optional item in your inspections is a Radon Test. Although this is optional, studies have shown that high levels of radon have been proven to cause deadly forms of cancer. So, what is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert. Unless you test for it, there is no way of telling how much is present.

Radon is formed by the natural radioactive decay of uranium in rock, soil, and water. Naturally existing, low levels of uranium occur widely in Earth’s crust. It can be found in all 50 states.

Scary stuff, I know! The positive side to a high radon result (over 4.0 pCi) is mitigation systems are both affordable and effective. Above I have a picture of what is involved in putting in a system. If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out.