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Why does one click on a property get me four phone calls?

The wonderful world of on-line marketing. The big search sites, like and Zillow use agents listings, than market these listings to consumers. As a realtor, I (we) can pay Zillow to show up on others listings, therefore getting "leads" or your contact information when you inquire on a property. If we pay these companies enough, we can eliminate other agents from showing up on our own listings. 

This is where the multiple phone calls, emails, and texts come in. When you click on a property for information, 3/4 agents get notified and many times they will reach out to you. Sometimes these agents buy into zip codes or areas they aren't familiar with or even cover. 

If buyers like these sites to search for properties, I think that's great, they can offer some good information. If you want to avoid multiple agents contacting you and you want a dedicated agent looking out for your best interest, find yourself a buyers agent. Click for More Info 

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Do you understand market conditions and it has an affect on pricing and home values?

Probably the second most question I'm asked, besides "How are you", is "How's the market"? Currently it is a sellers market, this doesn't mean as a seller you should over price your house to the point no one looks at it and it also doesn't mean the condition you keep your house in doesn't have any effect on it's salability. And as a buyer this means you need to be patient and have a buyers agent that is looking out for your best interest. When deciding to write an offer, it's important to know your comps, so that you don't over pay. Ok, back on point, please take a look at this chart to better understand how it is determined whether it is a buyers market or a sellers market. This is a simple understanding of how supply and demand work. For more information, please contact Stephen Oates. 

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Show me the money....or a pre-approval.

Ok, I don't need to see a bag full of cash, but proof of funds or a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender is important. There are reasons, as a REALTOR™ I ask my clients for this, and it's for their own best interest. Here are a couple of these reasons:

1. We need to know what we are looking for, without a pre-approval, we don't know your "buying power" or comfort level.  This can save headaches, heartache, and everyone their time down the road. 

2. Not all loans are created equal. You may qualify or some types of loans, but not others. Also, all loans don't fit all houses.  Which loan best fits your needs?

3. When making an offer, most sellers (listing agents) will want to see that the potential buyer is a capable buyer and require a pre-approval or proof of funds before showing the property. (I always ask the question when representing a seller)

4.  This also gives you a chance to meet with the one who is going to "show you the money". Building the right team around you makes for a much more enjoyable and surprise free transaction. 

I hope this gives you a quick idea on why a pre-approval letter or proof of funds is important. For more information or some contacts for a local lender, please email or call 603-777-7908.



Buying a home and the home inspection.

Most people are familiar with the term home inspection, but what are their expectations? First I'll tell you what I tell my clients, the home inspection is an educational tool, used to give you an overview of the home and it's condition. I tell my clients the inspection shouldn't be looked at as a negotiation tool, but rather a way to learn more about the property. That being said, when surprises are found, which weren't disclosed, sometimes re-opening the negotiations are necessary. 

A home inspector is not there to determine value, they aren't there to give you a quote on repairs, they are there to provide you with a thorough, bias report on their findings after inspecting the property. When I work as a buyers agent, I will attend the inspection with my client, so that we may discuss any findings and how to best proceed with the transaction. 

Looking to buy a home or sell a home and interested in pre-list inspection? Contact me (Steve) and we can discuss. 

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Who Represents You in a Real Estate Transaction?

Knowing who represents you and who has your "back" in a real estate transaction is very important. This can make a big difference in what you should and will say if front of the agent. When you call on a listing directly, you typically speak with he listing agent, this means the agent who represents the seller and looks out for the sellers best interest, not yours. 

As a buyer, working with a buyers agent makes sense. A buyers agent will look out for your best interest and sometimes, like in my case, I do not charge a buyers agent fee, I am compensated through the listing side of the transaction. For more information on agency, feel free to contact Stephen Oates of Bean Group. 

Below is the agency disclosure and definitions for MA & NH:

New Hampshire


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A Move On The Seacoast, by Realtor Stephen Oates

If you or someone you know is making a move on the New Hampshire Seacoast or in the Greater Newburyport Area, Realtor Stephen Oates in dedicated, determined, and creative. Steve works with buyers, sellers, and investor in MA & NH. Reach out today for a free consolation.   

Real Estate, a reflection of where we were and where we are going.

2016 is coming to a close, and it's been a busy year. In the world of real estate, there has been a lot of multiple offers and competing bids, which can be good for sellers, but stressful for buyers. We have seen the rates increase a bit, a lack of inventory, and at times, expectations out of control.

This is the world of real estate and something I choose to do and something I love. My hopes for 2017 are to create more relationships and help more people enter the next chapter of their lives. Rates are still very low and have some room for increasing and that's ok. The inventory needs to loosen up a little allowing first-time buyers, those downsizing, and those relocating a place to buy. 2016 was a good year, 2017 will be an even better year, and if we are treat each other a little bit better, it may even be the best year ever.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy New Year!

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