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Buying a home and the home inspection.

Most people are familiar with the term home inspection, but what are their expectations? First I'll tell you what I tell my clients, the home inspection is an educational tool, used to give you an overview of the home and it's condition. I tell my clients the inspection shouldn't be looked at as a negotiation tool, but rather a way to learn more about the property. That being said, when surprises are found, which weren't disclosed, sometimes re-opening the negotiations are necessary. 

A home inspector is not there to determine value, they aren't there to give you a quote on repairs, they are there to provide you with a thorough, bias report on their findings after inspecting the property. When I work as a buyers agent, I will attend the inspection with my client, so that we may discuss any findings and how to best proceed with the transaction. 

Looking to buy a home or sell a home and interested in pre-list inspection? Contact me (Steve) and we can discuss. 

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