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Do you understand market conditions and it has an affect on pricing and home values?

Probably the second most question I'm asked, besides "How are you", is "How's the market"? Currently it is a sellers market, this doesn't mean as a seller you should over price your house to the point no one looks at it and it also doesn't mean the condition you keep your house in doesn't have any effect on it's salability. And as a buyer this means you need to be patient and have a buyers agent that is looking out for your best interest. When deciding to write an offer, it's important to know your comps, so that you don't over pay. Ok, back on point, please take a look at this chart to better understand how it is determined whether it is a buyers market or a sellers market. This is a simple understanding of how supply and demand work. For more information, please contact Stephen Oates. 

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