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Why does one click on a property get me four phone calls?

The wonderful world of on-line marketing. The big search sites, like and Zillow use agents listings, than market these listings to consumers. As a realtor, I (we) can pay Zillow to show up on others listings, therefore getting "leads" or your contact information when you inquire on a property. If we pay these companies enough, we can eliminate other agents from showing up on our own listings. 

This is where the multiple phone calls, emails, and texts come in. When you click on a property for information, 3/4 agents get notified and many times they will reach out to you. Sometimes these agents buy into zip codes or areas they aren't familiar with or even cover. 

If buyers like these sites to search for properties, I think that's great, they can offer some good information. If you want to avoid multiple agents contacting you and you want a dedicated agent looking out for your best interest, find yourself a buyers agent. Click for More Info 

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