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Living Well w/Piotrek Kowalczyk and Salsa Secrets in 5 Questions. A trusted source on the NH Seacoast.

Name:_Piotr Kowalczyk_____________________Business:_Salsa Secrets, LLC_

Phone:_617-584-2985___Email: _

1. What service or product do you provide?

Salsa Secrets is a local dance company with a focus upon the healing power of dance. We use dance as a modalityto get to know ourselves, connect to ourselves and others, explore our own vulnerability and of course, have fun!We specialize in latin dance: Salsa On1, On2, Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue and more. Salsa Secrets is a complete curriculum, teaching students at all levels. We offer group classes, private lessons, first wedding dance choreography and dance retreats to Havana Cuba.

2. What made you decide to do this?

As a jazz musician and composed, I had a natural affinity for latin music. On a whim, I began taking classesin order to meet people - girls! After training for several years, I was asked to teach a class and fell in love withteaching. My student’s fell in love with me as a teacher. I couldn’t say no. Salsa Secrets was born. I have immense passion for sharing my love for dance and all the amazing gifts that dance offers.

3. Five words that best describe yourself or your service.






4. What you love most about this area?

As a Polish native, coming to Boston reminded me of home. After 10 years traveling back and forth from Boston to Portsmouth teaching and playing music, I decided to make the move to NH. I love that we have four seasons and the ever changing scenery. I like being able to see the ocean and the mountains. Portsmouth and Newburyport have always been communities that have welcomed my business and me with open arms.

5. If you could do anything for a career or make a living at, what would it be?

I don’t think I’d change much. There a stressful days in any job, especially being an entrepreneur, spending time with lots of clients each day. But when it comes down to it, as an artist, being able to dance and compose music every single day as my job really is the dream. I love the diversity between dance and music and how each nourishes my soul in a different way.









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