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Living Well w/ Rachel Curwen and LYNX by RC in 5 Questions. A trusted source on the NH Seacoast.

Name:_Rachel Curwen_______________________________ Business:_LYNX by RC_

Phone:_603-661-9186___Email: _

1. What service or product do you provide?

I design jewelry with semi-precious gemstones to bring connection, meaning, and strength to others. I infuse all of my creations with reiki healing energy.

Connection through my matching jewelry sets so you are close to the special person you love no matter where you are in the world; Meaning as you tap into the metaphysical energies of the gemstones which help cleanse & activate the chakras; Strength from specially sourced crystals that support courage and wellbeing.

I love making custom pieces tailored to your aesthetic tastes and targeting your metaphysical needs. I often find that I use my intuition to guide me on the design.

2. What made you decide to do this?

Lynx by RC Jewelry was born from my desire to create further connection, meaning and strength in this world. The more I worked with semi-precious gemstones, I learned about their healing and metaphysical properties which allowed me to intentionally design jewelry for people based on their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

A close friend of mine delivered a baby at 29 weeks which was the final inspiration to push forward and start Lynx by RC. I made this friend and her 2 year old daughter matching bracelets so they could be close to each other even when mommy was at the hospital with the new baby and not at home. The little two year old could look down at her bracelet and know that mommy is always there with her.

The bracelets were made with rose and crystal quartz along with a lotus flower charm. Rose quartz is known to open the heart to support unconditional love and deep inner healing while crystal quartz clears negative energy and enhances spiritual growth. The lotus flower charm symbolizes the beauty and spiritual growth that comes from difficult challenges. My friend was overjoyed that these bracelets could be a way for her to stay connected to her two year old during such a challenging time and that the crystals could support her through such an emotional journey.

3. Five words that best describe yourself or your service.






4. What you love most about this area?

I love the beaches and the beauty of New Hampshire’s coastline. I am captivated by the creatures that live here and enjoy watching some of the simple things like a heron flying overhead or a stormy summer day that quickly turns into sunshine.

5. If you could do anything for a career or make a living at, what would it be?

Design Jewelry! And start a Foundation that gives money to help causes all over the world like animal rescue and rehabilitation.









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